How can I help? Thats what I said. I have been so grateful , so many different times. When the church payed our water bill, I cried. When a far away friend sent money for Christmas, I cried. So many different times I have cried because people have touched my heart. I wanta reach out, and help too. I wanta cry tears of joy. That I can actually help someone else. I have had no money to give. But I try to help people find their way, and find the assistance they need. When my neighbors are out of food, If I have it to give , I will. You don't have to have money to help. You can help people with your time! Do what I did! I sponsored a Christmas Red Kettle from the Salvation Army. I have pledged to try to earn $150 for other peoples children. I don't know if mine will have a Christmas. But I think they will. I have started planning already. The last 2 years, I was unable to buy presents for my kids. That is the worst feeling. Thats why I chose the Red kettle. But you can do lots of things. Volunteer for the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Volunteer at your local charities. Start a blog and just talk to people. Just having someone to talk to sometimes is the best thing you can do. I wish all Americans a great life, and I pray you all have food on your table, and your electric bill is payed, and so is your mortgage or rent. God Bless!

11/29/2011 12:45

Hi, I'm new at this so I don't know where to start or even how to make my own web site.I need a friend and alot of help.My husband got laid-off from work in August,we have 3 children, 2 are still at home and go to school. Our car got repo in October.It was really tough when my husband couldn't find any work.We got so behind on everything! He recently started working again with a good job and were finally getting caught up a little bills and everything but its been so hard without a car.He has go different job sites {carpenter} and one of my daughters had gotton transfered to a school out of our district. Its been so hard for me being stuck at home all day and then paying and trying to find someone to take them to school and work. And then we pay them for the week and they dont show up!My husband cant loose his job and my daughter cant miss anymore school! I've been feeling worried,upset, and fustrated that I'm crying at home alone. Ive been lookin for work close by my home or online so I can get us a car,but I havent ound any luck! We need a car so bad, any car! Got any suggestions for me, I'd really appreciate it! And thank you for letting me tell you my problems, I feel a little better letting this out. THANK YOU AGAIN.

07/11/2012 20:50

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    Do you need help thats not here? Have you looked everywhere? Check Aidpage as well. God Bless and good luck!


    My Name is Laura Adcock. Im a 40 yr old mother and wife. My family and I are Concerned about Americas future, and we worry about our neighbors. If we all worried about our neighbors, I don't think we would have to.


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