I don't have the time theses days, to respond right away, I can only hope it won't take me too long. God Bless!

Angela Gipson
07/27/2010 14:08

I really appreciate all the helpful information you have provided. I am actually looking for an assistance program that actually has the money to help me out. Here in Texas everyone that is on the list that assist in my area, does not have any funding available. I almost a full month behind on my rent. My landlord is pretty generous for allowing me this time, but it is coming to an end fast. Please help. My rent is $560 a month I'm guessing plus late fees.

07/14/2012 09:22

I'm having the same problem, sorry I can't help. All the organizations in my area are so overwhelmed , it's the recession . I have sold everything I own, I really don't have any idea what to do anymore, just keep trying. Go to all your local churches no matter what the denomination. That's all I know. God Bless!

07/13/2012 15:39

Nice one info, thanks

09/25/2012 02:26

Many thanks for data


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    Do you need help thats not here? Have you looked everywhere? Check Aidpage as well. God Bless and good luck!


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