I need informational help. If you have a good idea for my site, please post it here. And thanks in advance! God bless you all! Laura

12/04/2009 14:36

Sorry, I don't have any way to help you - EXCEPT we need to get jobs, especially for the "disabled". I've been fired and forced to get a disability designation. This designation bars me from working. I do NOT want to be on SSDI, because they will take my home for medical bills. So this would be HARM for me NOT help. I'm desperately looking for a way to survive. At this time I have my home. To be able to live here, I'm starving to death (literally). I'm UNABLE to do the telemarketing work that is the ONLY work that the government provides. All of the work that I'm finding on the internet appears to be scammers. Any viable suggestions on how to survive would be great!
Your disability links are not a help for me - I DO NOT NEED DRUGS, I need a way to make a living. I've tried ALL of them, and they have denied any help whatsoever.

01/16/2010 07:31

George! what has happened to you? I wan't to help you, email me at stumblin1momma@aol.com I will do my best to help you find help. I know I'm late , but I too have the same problem. But the food stamps have kept me from being hungry. Let me know where you live, County and State, and I can find you local asssistance (I pray) . Perhaps I should start a page about work for the disabled. Thankyou George! please right me, and let me know how you're doing, Sincerely Laura

04/29/2010 12:10

I was in state jail for 14-mths. While there they told us of all the resources available to us when we left. None of those resources were valid...they primarily applied to those who'd served state prison time. I live with a lady I met in jail...have no clothing...no income...no id (i need $780 to get my license/pay fines...and need my family to get birth cert/soc sec card so I can get state id) have no transport..nothing. How do i start over???? I'm a good person who was taken advantage of and paid the cost with jail time. I'm 43yrs old/african american, have graves disease, need glasses and meds and can't get help. I've paid taxes between the ages of 16-39yrs of age and when I need help I can't get anything.

Dallas Housing won't have openings for 2yrs...i've never lived in sec 8 but am willing so as to get on my feet. What's out there for those like us?

05/09/2010 08:35

Roslyn! sorry for my late reply, I just started working after 2 years of looking. I am sorry for all the problems you are experiencing. The criminal record makes it hard, believe me I know. I got my job from doing community service, and they liked me so they kept me after I finished my hours. I also know that many of the State and Government programs, will not except you, with a felony or any drug charge. How they expect people to survive "legally" is beyond me. Yes do the Housing thing, it will eventually pay off. I have a friend in the same situation as you. She is depressed, and is having a hard time pulling her self back up. But it can happen. One thing I will suggest, waitress jobs rarely check your background, and usually don't need experience. They are a dime a dozen, and anyone can do it. Not to mention making money on a daily basis. I know that the united way will help anyone with transportation issues, on a temporary basis. Where I live it's call "Irving Cares." Call 211, they can help you find that. when you call, also ask for the local Lions Club, they can help with glasses. Your local churches can help with food, and sometimes small bills or help with transportation. The main thing is to pray! I'm not sure what your faith is. I pray to Jesus, he is my Lord and Saviour. And when I report my earnings and bills to Texas department of Human Services, they ask, how did you get by with no income for 2 years, I say "By the Grace of God." And it's true, if not for him, I would be homeless. God Bless you, and get ready to be on the phone and doing a lot of walking, but it will pay off! God Helps those that help themselves. I know it seems dark right now, but the light will come! I promise! With all my heart felt wishes, Laura

11/24/2010 01:37

Hi Laura
This is my first time on your site. I'm unemployed, I'm trying to find assistance in paying the bills and getting cash for gas, go on job interviews and pay my car note. I've signed up with temporary agencies. However, I get cancelled because I don't get there on time. I've been using public transportation.

I was in foreclosure, I got the state's Deputy Bank Commissioner involved now the bank is finally doing something.
I'm trying to generate a steady flow of income so this doesn't happen again. Any suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

11/24/2010 06:04

Dear Brenda,

I tried to email but it was returned. The main thing You need to get through this, is a higher power. Mine is Jesus. Second, you need to be willing to "bust your hump" so to speak. You can do it! It sounds like you are already working hard to just to slip by. I have had to do this for years. I know it can be overwhelming at times. I don't know what is really going on with you. Except you live in Texas, you are buying a house, and a car. I am not sure about anything else, so it would be difficult for me to help you figure out what to do next. Are you married ? Do you have children? What county do you live in? Do you have a college education or high school diploma? Do you have a criminal record? Is it time to make some hard choices? Did you work at all this year? (this could help out later). Of course you don't have to answer these questions, but some or all would help me help you. God Bless you and yours, I pray that things will work out. I hope that I can help.

Laura Adcock
Helping Americans Find Help
Dallas County, Texas


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